Rawat MediaWorks and Communications Solutions Private Limited is a premium provider of news, communications and social media solutions across digital, mobile, print, cinema, television and outreach platforms, serving consumers and advertisers in India for over 12 years.

The highlights of the company’s short journey thus far are English feature film A.O.D., which won acclaim in two international film festivals and all major Indian newspapers, League magazine, which was Gujarat state’s first and only general-interest English monthly magazine and indeed League of India, a think tank aimed at progressing liberal governance, a free economy and open society in India.

The company was established with the aim of seamlessly integrating content, community, commerce and technology into an enriching experience for society at large.

Though it has consistently faced challenges, the company has been steadfast in its commitment to high-calibre media products and society.


Founded asĀ The Lotus Eaters (TLE) in 2000 by Anshuman Rawat, the first stated objective of the company was only to make feature films in Hindi and English. Operating out of a SoHo (Small or Home Office) during its entire journey of three years, TLE went on to produce A.O.D. (The Art of Dying), one of India’s early English feature films on digital format.

Three years later, on September 29, 2003, the company was formally incorporated.

Smt. Shobharani Rawat, the mother of Anshuman, was the only other director of the company at the time of incorporation.