Interview with the Author of My Two Worlds

DVSBorn on August 24, 1948 in Karad, Maharashtra, Dilip V. Subhedar is currently leading a retired life in Ahmedabad, a city where he has spent his last four decades. A M.E. in electronics from College of Engineering, Pune, he joined Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad, in 1973 and worked there for about 40 years. He considers his association with Anuradha Cosmic Ray Payload on NASA’s Space Shuttle in 1985 and X-ray payload on India’s first Moon Mission, Chandrayaan-1, in 2008 as major milestones in his life. 

On a lazy afternoon, he agreed to have a brief chat about his maiden book My Two Worlds with League of India at a suburban cafe in Ahmedabad. Here are the excerpts of the conversation:

[Q] Please describe what the book is about, especially since the title and the cover lends a certain mystery to the exercise

I always believed that all of us live in two different worlds at the same time. One is the real harsh world where you do not have much of a control. The other world exists in your imagination where you can do anything you wish and can make all the characters and objects to dance to your tunes. Most of the stories in this book happen in a region where the two worlds overlap.

[Q] Briefly, what led up to this book?

I started writing and publishing blogs for the last two three years. Every time I finished a blog I used to send emails to my prospective readers. One day I just thought that this way I may not be able to reach many of the potential readers who do not have access to computers and Internet and many of those who have may not be be very proficient in reading the stories from the computer screens. That’s when I decided to get a print version of the stories published, so far. This way I hope to reach many known or unknown readers, particularly those who still prefer to have a paperback edition in their possession.

[Q] How long have you been writing this book?

The serious writing strated in March 2011. So it is two and half years or so. I used to take couple of days to complete a blog once I received a trigger from the events happening around. I enjoyed writing these stories.

[Q] What were the biggest learning experiences throughout the writing and publishing?

Looking back at my experience I see that a writer can take a lot of liberty while working on a story and can take as much time at his disposal. As against this the publisher has to work with so many deadlines and technical and commercial constraints the writer could never imagine.

[Q] In hind sight what you would have done differently if you could do it again?

I doubt whether I could do anything differently. I used to get a trigger mostly from the things happening around when I used to detect oddities in unpredictable behaviour of people around. Once the idea was born I used to finish the story in maximum two days before the trigger died on its own. Many times I had to abandon the idea of writing a story just because I did not act in time and I myself felt less intense about it.

[Q] Best piece of advice for writers trying to break in?

Just keep writing and circulate it. Take only that feedback seriously when received without you asking for it. Only that was the true feedback.

[Q] Before we leave, the final question: What next?

Recently I finished a Bill Bryson book, A Short History of nearly everything. I am yet to come out its spell on me. Also I am watching Ancient Aliens on History 18 channel. I am always fascinated by a thought that the life exists only on one insignificant planet in this vast universe. At the same time, amongst all the forms of life only human beings are different. What is so special about us? May be I will write a science fiction in future. Not sure. Stories cannot be written with a Flow chart in mind.

My Two Worlds is published and distributed across India by Rawat MediaWorks (Rawat Media Private Limited). The retail price of one copy is INR 150/- (Rupees One Hundred Fifty only). You can use the contact form of this site to order your copy. For bulk orders (20 copies or more), please write to

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