‘Original Cinema Content Services’ to be Rawat MediaWorks Focus

Rawat MediaWorks is the maker of one of India’s earliest English feature films on digital format. Titled A. O. D., the film was shown in Las Vegas, West Hollywood and New York as a part of New York International Independent Film & Video Festival (NYIIFVF) and in Pune as a part of Asian Film Festival (AFF).

Immediately after the success of the maiden cinema venture however, news journalism started taking precedence over film projects in the company plan of action because of natural flow of circumstances.

But now, the company is to revisit its founding business and expand its activities in the film industry by means of the following:

Concept, story, script, screenplay, dialogues and lyrics services for Hindi, English, Gujarati and Marathi cinema
Production services (camera and direction)
Line production for films shot in Mumbai and Gujarat

At the same time, the in-house script department is in an advanced stage of development of two Hindi feature film projects.

The company is now also inviting co-production from like-minded companies in India and abroad.


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