ANSHUMAN RAWAT [Experience: 20 years]

Strategic thinker and highly effective manager of people and processes with 14 years of experience in largely upper management roles pertaining to creation, management & marketing of content & communication solutions in print publishing, online media and digital video production. A platform-independent media professional with a unique ability to both conceive and develop new ideas, and foster and develop high-performing teams. Accomplished in creating and developing new businesses and products.

Dr PRASHANT KUMAR [Experience: 26 years]

Holder of two post-doctorates in Physics, Dr Kumar is an eminent physicist with over 20 years of experience spread across India, Brazil and South Korea. Presently associated with one of India’s leading specialist universities in Dehradun, he is keen to put his experience of research, teaching and management of knowledge in a completely new realm of travel in pursuit of the supreme knowledge.

SUPARNA JOSHI [Experience: 25 years]

Working previously as the Regional Projects Delivery Manager for one of the world’s largest software companies, Suparna Rawat Joshi is a Bengalooru-based Independent Consultant (Information Technology and Services industry), whose work has spanned over 18 years and 3 continents. She is passionate about India and often writes on topics of national or social relevance.

R SHRUTI [Experience: 16 years]

Masters degree in botany with seven years of research experience, scientific documentation and presentations related to the field. Gave up research in favour of education formulation and management and worked as a coordinator at an international (IB) school where she managed overall working of the organization and syllabus preparation. Also a published writer for Femina (a BBC and Times of India group publication) and League magazine – writing articles on various topics including lifestyle, health, interiors, relationships etc.