Neev means foundation in Sanskrit – something that youth is of every society. However, with our nation being one of the youngest nations of the world, the youth acquires an even greater significance in the Indian context.

Unfortunately, selective absorption of modern world lifestyle and approach – or selective distortion of the same – has resulted in the birth of a never-ending army of ‘me too’s / ‘followers’ / ‘clones’. Unless we release the latent potential of the youth, the future promises to be a chaotic one.

Rawat MediaWorks proposes to address the challenge at multiple levels – by making use of the energy, vision and leadership of youth, for a vibrant and promising future for all of us.

This is how:

Youth Parliament
Public Administration
Career Conclaves
Graffiti Years

All of the aforementioned would be in the form of one or more of the following capacities:

Participant / Player / Performer

In addition, Rawat MediaWorks would work towards giving birth to entrepreneurs by supporting (via equity stake) very small scale start-ups by youth in a field of their own choice.

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