INDIA LIBERAL ARTS & SCIENCES ACADEMY (ILASA) is ambitious idea towards bringing a renewed vigour and interest in rich Indian cultural history.

Rawat MediaWorks believes that the real state of any society can be gauged by the health of liberal arts & sciences. As India grows materialistically, there is a very urgent and widespread need felt by its citizens to go back to its roots – where imparting literary and scientific knowledge was a part of growing up, part of a cultural ritual. ILASA aims at tapping that latent need of the new, self-confident and affluent middle class.

This is how:

ILASA Pure Sciences Institute
ILASA Music & Dance Academy (Tribal to Global)
ILASA Art & Artifact Academy (Tribal to Global)
ILASA Dramatics Academy (Street to Broadway)
ILASA Literature & Philosophy Academy
ILASA Moving Images Academy (Documentaries to Realistic Cinema)

If you wish to collaborate with Rawat MediaWorks towards creating any arm of ILASA, please get in touch with us via the Contact Form.