360-degree Media Forum for a Metro

The age of media being transferred from producers at the top to consumers on ground is now behind us. Today, media is a collaborative sharing of experiences.

Appreciating the reality of the hour, Rawat MediaWorks is in the process of launching a product that would involve interaction of the idea with the citizens of a metropolis and that of citizens with fellow citizens across a spectrum of platforms. The idea is to give bring together an entire city via a chain of experiences, leading to the development of a single brand touch-point for various needs of the consumers.

From business perspective, the proposed 360-degree media venture would involve brand creation and (market) domination in a complete (media and services) marketplace of about six million cash-rich consumers.

“The complete product and profit cycle would involve creation of tangible products, brand equity and assets, both material and intellectual.”

Keep watching this space for more on the development.